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Should you get a money belt for travel?

People that are new to travel continually ask: should you get a money belt for traveling abroad?  The short answer is “No”, and here’s why… It doesn’t increase your safety…


Is the GoPro good for travel?

Many people wonder what kind of camera to take with them, and ask: is the GoPro good for travel?  Here are some of the things we’ve done with it and…


Internet options when traveling

Everywhere claims to have “free WiFi”, but it often doesn’t work Internet has become a way of life for many people. For us, we need to work remotely when abroad,…


Our First Packing List

What would you take with you when planning a year-long trip?  Here is our packing list.  We looked at other travelers to get ideas of what to take beforehand, and…


Travel Gear

Here’s the stuff we’ve used to make our travels go smoothly.  Because we travel as light as possible, the things we do carry have to be exceptional.  These are those…