RTW Trip


Long Term Travel Lifestyle

People ask us: What does a long term travel lifestyle look like? After being on the road for 3 years now, I can answer that question. In general, our days…


Reverse Culture Shock

Returning home after a long travel yields reverse culture shock: your own culture will feel odd and unnatural. I originally dismissed reverse culture shock as made up nonsense for digital…


How to find good internet while traveling

We’ve been to roughly 30 countries so far, and here’s how we find good internet while traveling. Not having internet isn’t an option for us. Here are the things we’ve…


What is a Digital Nomad?

I have never gotten more blank stares than when I tell people that I’m a digital nomad.  The questions answered in this FAQ-like article are made by me because people…


6 month recap of our year long round the world trip

6 months into our year long round the world trip, here are the weird things we’ve learned. “Writing in the air” will get you the check across all cultures Restaurant…


Is the GoPro good for travel?

Many people wonder what kind of camera to take with them, and ask: is the GoPro good for travel?  Here are some of the things we’ve done with it and…


Leaving the country for a year!

The day finally came!  We got on that plane, and are currently writing from our first stop: Lima, Peru.  We will be traveling for an entire year and writing about…