RTW Trip


Leaving the country for a year!

The day finally came!  We got on that plane, and are currently writing from our first stop: Lima, Peru.  We will be traveling for an entire year and writing about the experience.  The goal is to show fun and unique experiences from around the world.
Leaving MSP airport
Here we are in Lima, Peru!  Obviously a trip can’t occur without a few hiccups, like getting stranded in Dallas and Miami due to a storm taking down the power to 140K in the Dallas area.
The terrifying thought that came to me while we were stranded: we’re basically homeless.  As we’re waiting in line after line trying to re-route our flights, it was apparent that we didn’t really have anywhere to “be”.  Welcome to life with your home on your back!

The airport is now our home, and the breakfast menu looks great!

It took a surprising amount of work to get here.  We had to sell or donate a lot of items including our car, rent our home, and pack the rest into a pod.
We spent months dealing with the “wonderful” people from Craigslist:

  • A lady fell into the water while trying to board our boat for a test drive.  No, they didn’t buy the boat.  Yes, we took an awkward test drive while she was soaking wet.
  • “Forgetting” to bring the full amount of money doesn’t work, people.  There’s an ATM right up the street.
  • No I will not drive to a terrible neighborhood at night to deliver something.  I got this request no less than a dozen times.
  • People wanting to rent our house who A) don’t have a boat, B) work 40+ minutes away, C) don’t like the location, and D) don’t like the outdoors.   Sometimes I wanted to ask: “Why are you even looking at this house”?

In short, we will not miss Craigslist.  We left our home on the lake and comfortable lives so we could find tired happiness in a tiny hotel room thousands of miles from home.  We want to show what life on the road is like as well as life in new and strange places.  We hope you’ll join us!

Obligatory selfie of us looking tired after 30 hours of travel
Obligatory selfie of us looking tired after 30 hours of travel