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Gregoire Channel Trading System

The Gregoire Channel Trading System is my professional system that I created to trade while traveling. I wanted a system that was not only profitable, but also took only a few minutes per day to trade. It took me years to figure out the solution, and I’m sharing it with you.

Gregoire Channel Trading System

How I created the Gregoire Channel Trading System:

I got interested in trading in 2017 after seeing the rise of Bitcoin. I thought: “I was a professional gambler once, why not again with trading?”. The only problem I had when I started trading: I lost. I lost a lot.

So, I went to study. I’ve read hundreds of trading books, thousands of articles, and spent countless hours studying the markets. The conclusion I came to: almost everything out there is garbage. The reason why almost all trading advice sucks, even from people who made money, is that anything works when a market consistently makes all-time highs. For example, like how the stock market has made constant all-time highs for the past 100 years.

If the market is at an all-time high:

  • It worked if you only bought stocks on Tuesdays.
  • It worked if you only bought stocks when it rained.
  • It worked if you only bought stocks when the dog pooped in the kitchen.

This is how people release a new trading system every few years that doesn’t actually work, but they made money anyway because the market is always going up. I figured that if I could make a system that worked across stocks (which only go up), forex (which mostly goes sideways), and crypto (which goes wild in every direction), then I’d have something that wasn’t just luck. And I do. The Gregoire Channel has been tested and traded to profitability across every market.

Gregoire Channel Legend

What makes the Gregoire Channel unique?

Price can either trend or range. Price trending is when price moves up or down to a new level. Price ranging is when price goes sideways, either consolidating or preparing to move next.

As traders, we only make money when the market is moving. Why enter into a market that doesn’t go anywhere?

“Trending or Ranging?” is the most important question that almost no one asks. The reason so few people ask: it’s a hard question to answer! There’s only one other indicator that I know of that has even tried and it isn’t even good (Average Directional Index). But after years of study, I found a solution.

I’ve also never encountered a system that allowed me to back-test results to check if the strategy would be profitable in the first place. The back-testing tool gives you confidence you’re on the right track before you even start. And then after you start, the profit convinces you that you’re still on the right track.

What markets and timeframes does the Gregoire Channel work?

The Gregoire Channel works on all timeframes and markets. This allows you to trade on your own schedule. You can go to a lower timeframe to trade more, or raise the timeframe to trade less if you’re busy.

It’s important that it works across all markets. Some people love stocks. Some people love crypto. Others like bonds or currencies. This system handles them all.

How profitable is the Gregoire Channel?

Below are two sets of back-tests across the NASDAQ and Bitcoin from 2017 through 2020.

A good return in the markets is roughly 10% per year.

My channel returned an average of 120% per year in stocks.

My channel returned an average of 230% per year in Bitcoin.

This system crushes the generally acceptable returns offered by traditional hedge funds.

TQQQ Strategy Results
Click for large 2017-2020 TQQQ results
BTC Strategy Results
Click for large 2-17-2020 BTC results


If this is so profitable, why are you selling it?

Because I don’t believe it’ll reduce the systems’ profitability for either of us.

John Bollinger, creator of Bollinger Bands, released his system in 1982. It’s still profitable today, and almost no one trades it. Richard Dennis, head of the Turtle traders who made hundreds of millions of dollars in the ’80’s, released his system (which is still profitable today) and almost no one trades it. Hedge funds still use versions of the Turtle system, and yet the average person doesn’t use it.

I think most people get taken in by the scams and stop trading rather than stick with it to find the good stuff. Lord knows that it took me forever to figure it out.

(Also, as you can see by the website, I just like to create stuff.)

How long does the Gregoire Channel take to trade?

The system takes only a few minutes per day to trade.

The Gregoire Channel has 4 built-in systems which send the trader alerts. There’s no chart gazing for either entries or exits. The trader puts in the order after receiving the alert. That’s it!

Gregoire Channel Alert

These alerts can be texted, emailed, and/or pop up on your browser.

Many traders live in front of their computer screens, staring at them all day. I can’t live like that, so I built this system to take as little of my time as possible, and be location independent. I’ve traded while hiking the Chilean mountains, diving off a boat in Thailand, and while drinking beer in Oktoberfest. The system will tirelessly watch the markets for you and let you know when and what to do!

Best of all, it’s cheap to try: The introductory price is only $20 for the first month!

I know the best argument I can make is to get you trading profitably ASAP. That’s why I’ve made this cheap to try. Get a subscription, test out some markets and timeframes until you find something good, and then trade! The best advertising I can do is to make you profitable. Ask me questions and I’ll answer them.

Get my system here and start trading profitably today!


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