RTW Trip


6 month recap of our year long round the world trip

6 months into our year long round the world trip, here are the weird things we’ve learned. “Writing in the air” will get you the check across all cultures Restaurant…


Dining with Hookers

I travel to learn about myself and the rest of the world.  Sometimes I learn things that aren’t pictured on most travel brochures.  Like prostitution.  I’m going to admit straight…


Argentina Travel Tips

Argentina can be tricky for tourists, so here are some Argentina travel tips.  We stayed there for roughly a month over a few locations, and had a pretty good of…


Sydney, Australia: A chic cityscape

Sydney, Australia has a good reputation among travelers as a “must go” destination but no one ever explains why.  Most Americans look at Australia and think Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin,…


Mendoza, Argentina's Lujan de Cuyo wine region: Oh god my liver hurts

It’s not a secret that Alicia and I are wine fanatics.  Some of our favorites come from Mendoza, Argentina’s wine region.  We went on a few tours of the popular…


Losing weight while traveling

Losing weight while traveling isn’t only possible, it’s easy!  That might seem like a ridiculous statement, but there are many good reasons why an American traveling abroad will likely drop…


Cusco Cooking Class

Once upon a time, Cusco used to be the capital of the Incan civilization.  Now it’s primarily a rest stop on the way to Macchu Pichu.  But with that much…