RTW Trip


6 month recap of our year long round the world trip

6 months into our year long round the world trip, here are the weird things we’ve learned. “Writing in the air” will get you the check across all cultures Restaurant…


Cusco Cooking Class

Once upon a time, Cusco used to be the capital of the Incan civilization.  Now it’s primarily a rest stop on the way to Macchu Pichu.  But with that much…


Stuck in the past: Peru

We went on a “day in the life tour” of a native Peruvian.  There were some downsides to the tour which I already detailed, so we’ll concentrate on the good…


Cusco, Peru: Incredibly Touristy

Cusco, Peru is the second stop in our round the world trip.  Our stay in Lima was to get our feet wet in a big, foreign city before heading out…


Lima: I pay $7 for a man to risk his life

Alicia and I consider ourselves “foodies”.  We’re always on the prowl for a good meal.  Lima didn’t disappoint, with a unique cuisine and dishes to try while taking in some…


Exploring Lima, Peru

While in Lima, we stayed in the Miraflores district.  It’s a listed as a touristy place to stay that is well maintained with lots of security guards and police around.…


First stop, First Impressions: Lima, Peru

We finally arrived at our first destination: Lima, Peru!  This city has the nickname “la gris”, or “the grey” because of the constant fog conditions over the city.  It never…